Follow Through

“The one thing I would change about you if I could, is follow through when you say your gonna do something.”😊

I like criticism, I like being told what I could change to better me. I also like being asked why I do what I at times. Which probably gives people better understanding of each other. I’m a curious person, I am usually asking why.

I do say I’m doing things or going to do things, and something gets in the way or certain things has effected my decisions, so I put it off. Some say it’s procrastination, I say being wiser about my actions.

I have made a lot of impulsive decisions to help better others, and not so much myself. I’ve defiantly been working on myself, so mostly trying to put me before big decisions. Which has been good and bad. But I’m happy. Others do get a slight salty because I didn’t do what I say I possible could. But that’s not defiant, “I Will”

I probably should follow through more with some things, but I also feel that time is of the essence, it all falls in place when the time is right. So I don’t rush anything. While others are rushing, I’m watching, I’m listening, and I see! I help many but many don’t see they can easily do it theirselves!

I never tell people I can do something and Don’t, it’s just maybe not on their timeline as mine. Sorry not sorry😘

You Asked When I Knew

I keep playing in my head all the times we spent together. And ever since I can remember I just knew I loved you. I could feel in my veins there was something about you. And boy have I been right, it’s not just something it’s everything.

You came to me and asked one day when I knew I loved you. Yes I was already saying I love you, because it flew out of my mouth before I could even give it a second thought, and really think if what I was feeling was real. But I love all my friends. And that was exactly what we were. What we are! You are my best friend! My lover! My Guy!😘

I kept playing when I knew. Even when I already knew but it that moment it was our road trip to get the trailer. At the truck stop. Defiantly then I knew without a doubt I was in love with you! You were trying in hats and acting your silly self. And at that moment I knew I couldn’t live without you!

I knew because I wouldn’t want to ever share or be silly in a store or laugh with anyone else but you. Driving in those horrible storms all way back home wasn’t even scary. Most people would have been terrified. I knew and felt in my heart you would keep me safe. I didn’t think twice you didn’t know what you were doing and had full trust in you. And I can honestly say I have never trusted anyone that much.

Unto this day I can’t tell you a time you had me scared for your safety or mine. And I say that out of realm. And you know as much as I do, you can be dangerous sometimes. I trust myself with you, along with everything I have within me I trust with you! I love you😘

We Never Knew

So by now everyone knows I love music! I don’t watch tv couldn’t tell you what’s hot, what everyone’s favorite shows are, nothing. But I can talk all day about music.

I like pretty much all genres. I do love country. I do have lots of favorites, for one reason or another. I don’t hear lyrics, its melodies, and the the beats and the feeling I get off the music I hear.

When we are younger we hear songs and say they remind us of people, dedicate them to our recent girlfriend/boyfriend, songs even remind us of periods of times of our lives.

I heard a song I have heard time and time again, Savage Garden, Truly Madly Deeply. And all I could do was laugh. I laughed because when I first heard this song I really thought I understood it. But when I heard it the other day I fully believe I know exactly what it meant. I literally feel it.

I know and understand that feeling of the words being sung. All I could do was laugh, because that man next to me was exactly who I’d spend everyday with. And it’s funny how when I was 13 I really thought I’d find someone I would feel as much as I do about him. There is no way!❤️😘

No Label🙃

Very popular these days, having a non label relationship….Now a “no label” relationship is defiantly very vague. But that couldn’t be because of the relationship.

So I see myself how some people would have a problem with having a non labeled relationship, but I can also see why. This goes for men and woman both. I would say I have been in one for quite some time. I myself am very confident and happy.

I do get questioned about my relationship and my happiness, because others don’t understand some parts of it. But I also see why.

People hear “no label” and automatically feel there something wrong with either the man or woman. Or assume that one has a hard time committing. Or either isn’t ready.

And none of that has to do with it. Not just in my relationship but others that have chosen a non labeled relationship, for other reasons. I believe it’s really a maturity thing. Being over 30 saying this is my boyfriend, to me feels kind of like I only known him few nights. And out of respect for me and him for sure I know him better than a few nights. Not only by time but intimately as well.

I believe you get to an age where saying boyfriend/girlfriend just sounds not enough. And fiancé is too much… Nowadays this is not uncommon either. And don’t be mislead some do you use the “no label” relationship status for a wider playing field.

Let me make sure everyone knows and understands, not all non labeled relationship is all the same, bc not all relationships are the same. They have similarities but not the same. I don’t need a label to believe he won’t cheat on me, I believe, I have faith, loyalty, and love that he wouldn’t. I believe his faith and love for me is the same, at least it better be… lol!

I don’t need a label on us because i know what we are, he knows what we are and we know what we are. Sometimes it’s me, sometimes it’s him and it’s all the time us!!!! Art he beginning, yes I worried I wasn’t enough, people said if he doesn’t claim you he will cheat! And to this day I never believed that. And realized it doesn’t take a label to cheat or not!

If a man/woman is truly into you finding interest in someone else is the last thing on their mind. Bc they wouldn’t wanna loose what they have in front of them. And having a no label relationship and putting up boundaries just shows what stage your truly at in your life. You don’t need boundaries for something you truly want😘

“My” Place

So I was talking with a friend who been dating this guy for quite sometime. And she was explains some situations with me about certain things. Most friends do. Which I love bc listening is what I do best😁

So she’s telling about these things, like he had a passing of his mom recently and she knew people would come out and be by his side. Before I go further let me explain, this woman isn’t a jealous type, or needy, or clingy even. Her thinking is sort of like mine, prolly why she and I are good friends and similarities.

He has friends of opposite sex, which she’s ok with to. But her problem is, not just with this situation it is in many. The clarity of their relationship is known to some people, but not everyone. So she feels that sometimes her place being known isn’t.

Through all this and what she has been by his side, she wonders if her place is next to him. She’s told me about times he’s mentioned it is, but actions hasn’t really showed that. Her man is a very busy guy, with a wide circle of friends and family.

My take of what I told her was if your place is his side, and he isn’t showing that or you don’t feel it, maybe it isn’t. Yes you helped him with his mom, and his self, and whatever the case maybe. But if he rather have someone else than call/text or pick you up to be there. His side isn’t your place.

Sometimes we get so caught up with how we feel we forget that we are important too, and what we really want and love feeling with people ends up being temporary. It’s like we get a dose of what we need but not from that person.

Life is a lesson, lesson on why we want, don’t want, what we tolerate and what we definitely won’t do again. So it’s matter of figuring it out. Not making it a guessing game again. I told her it’s really what she feels she needs to do.

Make it apparent how she feels, and ask. The only way she will know. If he can’t handle being he will have to because you being sad not knowing where your place is, will destroy-what you have over came already. Don’t settle for what you don’t deserve! Know your place😁


In every situation in life we like we get comfortable in and hope things don’t change. At some point something always changes.

Whether it’s how we shop, cook, clean, or the way we live, we hope some things don’t change. And when some thing does change it seems our world comes crashing down. Or puts us in a spot of what happened, how can I get that feeling again, and brings a lot of questions.

I know when my dishes aren’t clean, it makes me feel uncomfortable, like who didn’t do chores, what day is it, and fix it. When it comes relationships, friends or more, and something makes us feel uncomfortable we tend to lean towards the bad,negative, and all the this and that’s there is.

I my self have come to a point in my life where when anything changes Unless I have changed my self, realized things change. Everything is always changing. So I never stay too comfortable. Bc I like the comfortable feeling more than the uncomfortable feeling. Even when it hurts I turn it into happy. It’s taken a lot of changing myself and getting over bumps on my road to get this way. But keeping my life simple and happy is my choice and that’s my comfortable😘

You Make Me Safe

When we started hanging around together, I had feelings I could distinguish. Confused on what I felt. Things I couldn’t put into words. Still today I can’t.

When I’m with you I feel safe. The nights I spend with you I don’t have the urge to keep a light on. The noise that make my anxiety and heart beat faster doesn’t seem to exist. I have a sense calmness when your around.

You have no idea and my words can’t explain how you make me feel. In a way I never have before. Sometimes you have asked questions and when it seemed I didn’t have an answer, it’s I couldn’t put it into words.

The time we spend together I never want to end. The conversations I never want to die. The laughs I never want to stop. I have never opened up and put my whole self into anyone and I am now. The difference it has been!

You help me see things I never saw coming, or possible. You have also have helped me in ways about my self nobody has taken the time to do and for that I am forever grateful! I love you soo much and that will never end❤️ Thank you for make me safe again and letting me feel what that is💋❤️